Shanice – Gotta Blame Me

Shanice – Gotta Blame Me. Shanice Wilson is kicking up a new energy with the release of her latest single. Courting fame with her hit single, “I Love Your Smile” in the ’90s, the singer and mother of two talked about reviving her music career during the pilot episode of Flex & Shanice, her docu-series with husband Flex Alexander. In the most recent episode, Shanice secured a performance gig and debuted her new single, “Gotta Blame Me,” that did more than just bring back memories of her chart-topping vocals, but also showcased a new sound.

Shanice - Gotta Blame Me

Shanice – Gotta Blame Me

Singer Shanice is using her OWN Network docu-series, “Flex & Shanice,” to promote the new music she’s been working on. This week, she’ll drop a new song (on the show) named “We Can Fly.” While, we’re not sure why someone with a voice an angelic as Shanice would resort to autotune, we guess it’s a sign of the times. Welcome back to the industry Shanice!

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