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Shadowrun Returns is a 2.5D isometric, turn-based tactical RPG from Harebrained Schemes; a studio staffed by Shadowrun franchise veterans, as well as being led by Jordan Weisman one of the original designers behind the Shadowrun fiction. The game will continue the hybrid theme of cyberpunk and elements of high fantasy role playing that has become synonymous with the Shadowrun name. The storyline also fits within the existing Shadowrun timeline and both the previous SNES and Genesis games. The game was funded through Kickstarter donations. These Kickstarter donations exceeded the originally asked for amount of $400,000 with an end result of $1,895,772 donated by 36,276 backers. The developers wanted the gameplay to combine the strategic turn based combat from the original X-COM and the 2012 re-imagining, with the depth of RPG customisation and film noire style detective work.

shadowrun returns

Shadowrun Returns Trainer (+6) Options:
Here’s an trainer for the cyberpunk fantasy tactical role playing game Shadowrun Returns that will let you use these interesting cheats: freeze karma to 200, infinite moves, infinite ammo, infinite money (1 million). Note: This cheat tool is for the 1.0.3 version of the game Shadowrun Returns.

Additional Trainer Info:
F1 – Add 5.000 Cash (Use it when you are not in a battle)
F2 ~ Add 1 Million Cash (Use it when you are at an npc , Buy something then press F2 then buy something else)
F3 ~ Infinite Moves (Use it when you are in a battle)
F4 ~ Infinite Ammo (Use it when you are in a battle)
F5 ~ Remove Karma Limit (Use F6 first then use F5)
F6 ~ Infinite Karma (If it doesn’t work for you turn the cheat off and on again and try it when its on dont forget to active F5 or you will get nigative numbers in the karma and it iwll mess up you character)

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