Seira Kariya – Colorful World

Electro-pop Singer/songwriter Seira Kariya captured a modest bit of attention last year with the song “Nobi Nobi Style,” a mid-tempo sigh of a disco song with a pretty sticky hook. Yet on “Colorful World,” her newest single officially out in June, Kariya embraces big bright pop without hesitation, letting go and delivering a dizzying number. Helping with the arrangement is Tobinai Masahiro (better known as Masamusic) and handling production is a member of Tokyo outfit Give Me Wallets (remember this gem, also produced by Give Me Wallets?), but Kariya brings it to life via her lyrics, delivered in a slightly reserved style in the verses…but bursting open into warm-summer-day wonder come that chorus, the finest she’s delivered yet. Listen above.

Seira Kariya – Colorful World Lyrics: