Sean Kongery – Aware feat. Elias

Sean Kongery is a professional music producer and multi-instrumentalist who is known for his unique brew of R&B, Rap and Electronic music. Offering premium RnB and Rap instrumentals, Sean works with artists who want to elevate their music and are sick of the same old beats.

Sean Kongery – Aware feat. Elias

Produced by: Sean Kongery. Vocals by: Elias . Session engineered by: Robbie Zs. Huge thanks to everyone who was involved with this project including Lake Effect Films, Justin Clough, Robbie Zs, all of the actors, the Berkshire family, and of course, the incredibly talented Elias! This was an ambitious project that took the work of a lot of people to accomplish. We had a great time creating this and we hope you all enjoy it!

Sean Kongery – Aware feat. Elias Lyrics:
Sean Kongery - Aware feat. Elias

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