Rachel Ann Weiss – Dark Is Coming

Rachel Ann Weiss may just be the music industry’s best kept secret… for now. However, someone as talented and beautiful as Weiss cannot be kept a secret for long. She is stunning. Breathtaking lyrics, soulful vocals, and a debut album (Dear Love) that demands to be an instant favorite… is it any wonder she is an artist to watch?

Rachel Ann Weiss – Dark Is Coming

Songwriter Says: “This song was written mostly about a very important night of my life, which was spent on a beach, talking with a man I’d loved until the sun came up again,” Weiss tells us. “I decided to use a few chords from Jeff Buckley’s ‘Lover You Should Have Come Over’ in the chorus and that inspired me to finish the song with him in mind. So, ultimately, it’s about two men that have influenced me greatly: Jeff Buckley and a former love of mine.”

Rachel Ann Weiss – Dark Is Coming Lyrics:
Rachel Ann Weiss - Dark Is Coming

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