Pompeya – Slaver

Drawing inspiration from 70s disco, 80s New Wave and 90s indie rock, Moscow’s Pompeya weaves vibrant harmonies, melodic synth lines, and punchy guitar riffs to create unabashed indie pop. Their self-released debut quickly brought the group a large amount of popularity in their home country. Following extensive touring and television appearances in Russia and Eastern Europe, the group set to work on their follow up Foursome. The EP was recorded under the direction of Christopher Haynes in LA’s Bedrock Studios. After signing to Gala in Russia, and No Shame Records in the US, the group embarked on their first US tour in May of 2013. No Shame will release their US debut in October 2013.

Pompeya – Slaver

Pompeya – Slaver Lyrics:
Tell all my friends
That we’re lost in a desert
We found ourselves
Still don’t know where we are

We found that stars
Are pretty far
And we should have known
That you are no

Time after time
We’ve been loosing direction
Day after day
We’ve been plaguing our souls

They know you’re fake!
They know your name
We should have known
That you are no

Greeting sunlight
We feel magical warming
Spit on your hands
For this wheel never stops

You wanna be defended
To forget ’bout what you got through
You wanna be defended
To forget ’bout what you got through.

Pompeya Slaver Pompeya   Slaver

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