Pixel Fix – Fall

‘Fall‘ is a cinematic production with ambiance radiating from every pore– sounding grandiose without being over-stated or forced. Instead the track feels like an organic cultivation– an intertwining of delicate electronics and vibrant guitar tones that cannot be unraveled without both falling apart. It is the echoing, dream-like synths that permeate the verses– rolling over like an chill-wave fog, completely mesmirising which is only made more hypnotic by the vocals. From amongst the depths there are somewhat shadowier, darker reverb-laden ‘ooh‘s that try echo and beckon you in closer– luring you like sirens in the sea. The chorus, however, is dominated by the glitchy guitars, with a rhythm that spatters like brightly coloured raindrops againt the electronic music’s windowpane.

Pixel Fix – Fall (Official Music Video)

Pixel Fix – Fall Lyrics:

Pixel Fix - Fall

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