Owls of the Swamp – Ghostflake feat. Ainslie Wills

There’s a sense of searching and mystery nestled in the music of Owls of the Swamp, the atmospheric indie-folk project of Australian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Pete Uhlenbruch. Characterised by distinctive guitar fingerpicking, earthy vocals, heartfelt arrangements and a natural ear for melody, Uhlenbruch’s latest LP offering Go with River (2011) earned respect as ‘one of the sleeper hits of the year’ (Timber and Steel, 2011) and ‘new folk music at its best’ (Sony Ericsson Music Blogger, 2011). His latest project has him working with special guest Market Irglova (The Swell Season) and Greenhouse Studio’s Sturla Mio Thorisson. His latest single, The Hypnotist, suggests the new musical territory Uhlenbruch is exploring on the album he’s currently recording in Europe. There is no doubt that location has played an influential role in the development of Uhlenbruch’s sound. His debut, Smoky Bay (2007), was an ambitious concept album that sought to capture the strange coincidences, connections and charismatic characters that shaped his experience living in Iceland. Uhlenbruch’s deeply embedded Wanderlust has also led him to perform extensively throughout Australia, Germany, Iceland, the UK, Poland and the Czech Republic. His arresting yet personal live performances have led to tours with artists such as Žamboši (CZ), Myrra Rós (IS) and Svavar Knútur (IS) as well as supports for notable acts such as Machine Translations (AU), Old Man River (AU) the Paradise Motel (AU) and Jens Lekman (SE).

Owls of the Swamp – Ghostflake feat. Ainslie Wills

Ghostflake‘ is the second (and last) in a small series of b-sides released this year from Owls of the Swamp (the indie folk project of Australian singer-songwriter, Pete Uhlenbruch), currently recording his third album in Iceland and UK (due for release in 2014). Recorded and mixed by Adam Casey at True Vine Studios in Melbourne, ‘Ghostflake‘ is a brief departure from his usual guitar-picking sound. Driven instead by warm antique pianos and a collection of vintage instruments, Uhlenbruch pairs up with Australian singer-songwriter Ainslie Wills to deliver a low-key indie folk duet that explores the theme of overcoming mortal fears. “Ghostflake” follows the release of the first b-side ‘Happiness is a sad song’ (released August 2013) and the first single from the forthcoming album ‘the Hypnotist’ (released March 2013).

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