Orlando Napier – It’s Love

Orlando Napier is a soul singer, songwriter and blues pianist born in Los Angeles. He began his musical journey later than most, at the age of 20, but his natural ability prompted the encouragement of his peers and he soon decided that music was his calling. He cut his teeth as a performer playing venues in and around Santa Barbara, California with his father’s R&B band, ‘The Cat’s & Dogs’. Orlando began as the pianist but as his songwriting evolved and his vocal talent became apparent, he started to take over frontman duties from his father and soon, the band became his own. The name was eventually changed to the ‘Orlando Napier Band’, and Hugo Napier maintained his place as Orlando’s ‘tenor sax man’. Acclaimed TV producer, Mark Burnett recognized his talent and recruited him for season 2 of the music-reality show ‘The Voice’ in 2011. He was among the top 48 finalists and found himself on ‘Team Adam Levine’ where he worked one-on-one with the Maroon Five frontman. He also worked with fellow soul man, Robin Thicke while on the show. Orlando was crowned the best blues voice on California’s central coast in 2009 , after which he was invited to Memphis to perform at the International Blues Competition in which he excelled and was among the finalists. At 24-years-old, he was the youngest blues player in the competition.

Orlando Napier – It’s Love

Off upcoming EP, ‘LA Rhapsody. Available March 11th, 2014.

These days you’ll find Orlando recording new music and playing venues from coast to coast with his R&B quartet, the Orlando Napier Band. They are quickly becoming a dominant force on the Los Angeles circuit and command large and loyal fan base. “Orlando is a painter, he’s a Picasso. He likes to paint his vocals on the canvas and there’s a greatness in that. I think his style is what makes him special.” -Robin Thicke “Orlando is a talented dude with a bright future ahead of him. He’s a true musician. -Adam Levine

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Orlando Napier - It's Love

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