Ofelia – Hawk Fly Tiger Run

The debut single from Ofelia aka Marie Moreshead, who you might remember as the vocalist from Los Angles based trip-pop duo Wanderhouse, is ‘Hawk Fly Tiger Run.’ Produced by fellow Wanderhouse member Doctor Rosen Rosen, ‘Hawk Fly Tiger Run’ can best be describe as funky / folky / RnBy / and all pop. After replaying this track a dozen times over the past few days we figure we would share it with you today, so you can keep repeating “Hawk fly tiger run/ That’s all we should want/ Hunter grab your gun/ What do you want?”

Ofelia – Hawk Fly Tiger Run

The song brilliantly layers folk, funk, RnB, and even a little country that are welded together making the most perfect unexpected pop song. Rare are those moments when everything around you just disappears – I could have been pouring a cup of coffee over the brim spilling onto my lap but until the song stopped wouldn’t have noticed.

Ofelia – Hawk Fly Tiger Run Lyrics:
Ofelia - Hawk Fly Tiger Run

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