No Vacation: Dræm Girl

This is the first of several surprise San Francisco treats I encountered today, and as always, I’m immensely delighted and proud to discover more fresh, potent talent right here at home. SF based indie pop duo No Vacation has roots in a myriad of musical backgrounds, but together, Basil Saleh and Sabrina Mai are thoroughly charming with their lo-fi surf rock meets languid sunkissed pop music. Recent song Dræm Girl is as dreamy and romantic as it sounds, a warmly swirling guitar pop swooner that picks up gritty vigor as it dashes towards a noisy, riotous, and impassioned close.

No Vacation

No Vacation is a San Francisco based indie pop duo with roots from different musical backgrounds. The band started as a dorm room collaboration between Basil Saleh and Sabrina Mai before evolving into a band.

No Vacation: Dræm Girl

We’re excited to share new music we’ve recorded over the summer! This is a new single off our upcoming “Summer Break Mixtape”.
Written and performed by No Vacation. Recorded @ Different Fur Studios, SF. Mixed/mastered by Stefan Mac. Engineered by Sean Paulson. Artwork by Noel Kenny and Sabrina Mai.

No Vacation: Dræm Girl Lyrics:
when i look at you
i couldnt see myself
passing through your room
i know i needed help
and when you talked to me
all i heard was words
i couldnt say a thing
i only made it worse

and if i saw your man
would i start a row
crashing through your bedroom
when he was around
and i know its hard
when you feel this way
in love with my best friend
but i cant say a thing

i know i said some things
i know it’ll never work
but when i close my eyes
you know it doesnt hurt
if i could get away
it might just do some good
but i just wanna stay
even though i know i never should.