My Dear – Better Dance

My Dear is the duo formed by Raw Man, an experienced parisian producer, and his beloved Blanche. After « First Time », their previous maxi, including their memorable track « Standing in this Dream » (Daft Arts’ music video starring Seychelle Gabriel), they come back with a new maxi entitled « Better Dance ». Their message : forget about yourself and dance ! Produced by Daft Arts and shooted in 8 and 16mm, their two music videos “Standing in this Dream” and “Better Dance” remind California in the seventies and eighties. My Dear stay true to its romantic-vintage mood with « Week end in Paris », a second track composed as a tribute to a lengendary couple, Gainsbourg and Birking. They’re now finishing the recording of their next album.

My Dear - Better Dance

My Dear – Better Dance

My Dear – Better Dance Lyrics:

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