Moodblanc – Vous

Moodblanc is all about the good things in life. Love, leisure and laziness. The feeling you have inside after a day on the beach and the nightlife yet to be explored. We wouldn’t mind hearing our music, sitting on the sun terrace at the Hotel de Paris. We wouldn’t mind being the one who takes your mind off things. moodblanc – for your listening pleasure. Kenneth and Magnus hooked up for the first time in July, 2013. Before the actual meeting took place they had secretly been admiring each others work on Sound Cloud. Kenneth took the first step by asking if it was ok to remix one of Magnus’s songs. The remix made them both realize that they should write songs together instead of listening to each others songs. What happened that day in July might be heard On the radio.

Moodblanc – Vous

Moodblanc – Vous Lyrics:
Moodblanc Vous Moodblanc   Vous

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