Melat – Daphne

Melat – Daphne – Texas songstress Mélat introduces us to “Daphne” off of her upcoming EP Canon Ourania: The Illumination. Welcome to Canon Ourania: The Illumination. Canon Aphaea was the “coming out of darkness.” A journey through song of my struggles and thoughts as I wandered through life, searching for answers, searching for my purpose. The title Canon Aphaea comes from: Canon, being “a body of principles, rules, standards, or norms” and Aphaea, the name of one of the lesser known Greek goddesses, meaning “without light”. Canon Aphaea was a truncated guide to life in a time of darkness for me. Creating Canon Aphaea allowed me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the story of a soul that is lost but eventually understands the true nature of itself. If Canon Aphaea asked ‘Who am I?’ Canon Ourania asks, ‘Where do I go?’. I know my path, but how do I travel it? With whom? What’s our destination? Canon Ourania is our sequel, the next chapter of the story, the next part of my journey.

Melat – Daphne

Melat – Daphne Lyrics:
Melat Daphne Melat   Daphne

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