Maino – Just Watch

Jermaine Coleman (born August 30, 1973), better known by his stage name Maino, is an American hip hop recording artist from Brooklyn, New York City, New York. He is perhaps best known for his debut single “Hi Hater,” as well as its follow-up “All the Above,” which features American singer-songwriter T-Pain and was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Through his label Hustle Hard, Maino formed a rap group called The Black Flag Mafia, which includes himself, Push Montana, Lucky Don, Twigg Martin and Hustle Hard Mouse. On October 9, 2012 they released their first mixtape, The Mafia. They are currently working on their EP album for E1 Music. On February 4, 2014, Maino will release a digital EP, King Of Brooklyn EP. Wikipedia®

Maino – Just Watch

Maino – Just Watch Lyrics:
Yeah, the realest of the realest niggas
Somebody stop me ‘fore I kill these niggas
I go stupid on these silly niggas
Jumping out of those foreigns, that’s half a million, nigga
Money, my mission, pursue my wishes
Jealous niggas hating while bitches just blow me kisses
Pussy niggas fronting, I wash ’em like dirty dishes
Inner flash, diamonds around me, just watch me glisten

Young niggas hustling, helicopters is hovering
Rats testifying, my niggas dying, we suffering
Niggas throwing shots at my city, they think we crumbling
I’m ready, though, tell me who want it, let’s get to rumbling

If you don’t believe me, nigga, just watch
In a Phantom, out the window I’m screaming this for the block
Got ’em in a chokehold, watch ’em, they need to stop
But my city, I’ll punish these niggas until they drop
Came up yo killing, vision was only willing
Just a young black male, lost, headed for prison
All them dark nights fishing, 80 was in the kitchen
Now I’m house wife sitting for bitches on television
Running after dough, the Devil chasing my soul
In a white Benz Puma, let shorty swallow my load
All I ever really wanted was treasure for all my niggas
Caught up in a moment, all singles for all these strippers
In an alcohol daze, been rolling for four days
Bury me and G, leave a 40 beside my grave
Nights like these I’m thinking that ST
Feeling just like I’m falling, somebody just catch me
Got a pistol in my car, story behind my scar
All this thug life living and sinning, help me, oh, Lord
Street niggas tell me they love me, I’m just like them
I didn’t come here with all these rappers, I’m really nothing like them

Yeah, I’m the leader of the movement
I’mma bring the goons in
We gonna let the goons win
Soon, you pussy niggas doomed then
Pussy niggas doomed then
Word, don’t get scared now, nigga
We rolling on you niggas, my nigga
Unstoppable, you heard me.

Maino - Just Watch

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