Lucid – Celebration

Lucid – Celebration. Lucid consists of Juliet and Janice, a creative singing duo with a strong belief in faith and the possibility to make your dreams reality. Two years after they met in university they decided to join forces in July 2012. Juliet gained musical experience by performing in plays and taking up singing lessons. Janice’ musicality stems from playing piano, taking singing lessons and producing beats. They have very wide-ranging, yet complementary personalities This great synergy can also be found when blending their varying voices which produces a unique sound. Lucid’s music style can be described as Street Soul: a smooth blend of R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop which incorporates the belief of self-empowerment.

Lucid – Celebration

Lucid is a female singing duo based in the Netherlands. It consists of Janice and Juliet and combines Hiphop, Soul and R&B. Celebration is the thrid single off their album Poisoned Pawns set to be released in October. In the spirit of summer, Street Soul duo Lucid release Celebration; a chill, feelgood track about celebrating progress made.The song is produced by Timo and combines oldskool R&B with newskool sounds. It is accompanied by a fun, vlog-inspired visual shot in Brussels, Belgium.

Lucid – Celebration Lyrics:
[verse 1]
Lately this life’s been a little hectic
Left no time to catch a breath
Steady grinding on dreams track
Oh baby baby

Lately this life’s been a little crazy
And all the days they seem the same
But it’s time ride these waves we’ve made
Tonight we’re gonna lean back
Kick off em shoes get the feet up on the desk
Tonight we’re gonna relax
Sip a lil sum music playin in the back
[Chorus x2]
I think we in need of a moment to look back
Take a minute to take in the progress
See we movin so fast
We need to slow it down
Appreciate how far we’ve come
Celebrate where we are now
[verse 2]
Letting my thoughts rest on a cloud so light
Tonight I’m kicking back enjoy the breeze of life
Now is the time yeah to just ease my mind
And sail away, sail away, just for a little while
These steps I’ve been making
Could use some celebration
I’ll be all smiles tonight
Sippin on some sweet wine
Yeah these steps I’ve been making
Could use some celebration
I’ll be all smiles tonight
Life’s good tonight I’ll fly.

Lucid - Celebration