Lilla Vargen – This Is Love

Lilla Vargen – This Is Love. Belfast based singer-songwriter Lilla Vargen impresses with her debut single ‘This Is Love’. The unexpected can sometimes be a rarity when working as a critic/reviewer. When such a moment does come around it is usually through a band doing something sonically daring, unusual or in the case of Lilla Vargen’s debut song affecting. Songwriting takes centre stage within Vargen’s music, with the vocalist accompanied by a solitary piano (and the occasional backing harmony). With this minimalist approach, it is up to the artist to convey the emotional weight of the piece, something Lilla does through powerful dynamic lifts and gentle drops into deftly spoken lyrics.

Lilla Vargen - This Is Love

Simple, but very effective Lilla Vargen’s single ‘This Is Love’ is a song that relies on the songwriter’s ability to translate the mood and feeling put into writing it, to that end Vargen makes the perfect introduction.

Lilla Vargen – This Is Love

Lilla Vargen – This Is Love Lyrics:

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