Layne Lynch – With or Without You

Layne Lynch – With or Without You. Layne Lynch is anything but ordinary. She is vibrant, daring, and exceedingly gifted. She embraces every inch of her imagination, and with it, she creates music that is distinctly different from others. However, Layne is more than a talented musician; she’s a person worth knowing. We celebrate Layne’s entire identity, and we want her thousands of fans to see the same Layne that we see – the one that genuinely loves cats, and people, and pursuing joyful, meaningful music. Layne Lynch stands apart as inspiringly original. Her music, coupled with her experience and unwavering pursuit of betterment has allowed her to be the only returning Uproar artist this year.

Layne Lynch – With or Without You

With or Without You – Music Video / Written and Performed by Layne Lynch

Layne Lynch says: “I am a singer/songwriter. I just graduated from Baylor University with a degree in theatre. I write indie-pop and play keyboard”.

Layne Lynch – With or Without You Lyrics:
Layne Lynch - With or Without You

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