Lauriana Mae – Will She Be Loved

Inspired by the likes of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Etta James, singer/songwriter, Lauriana Mae melds soulful jazz vocals with contemporary pop, R&B and hip hop music. Mae collaborated with producer Kwamè (Christina Aguilera, Mary J. Blige) on her 3 song ‘Love Mae’ EP, which features lyrics and melodies penned by the singer herself. It kicks off with her anthem “Money Mae”- the singer’s moniker, a shiny, horn-laden throwback banger that captures flapper-era bliss. Also included is the melancholic ballad “Love”, a reflective conversation between Mae and the emotion itself, and the punchy, percussive track “Like A Drum (Beat It)”. Lauriana began singing at home inspired by her mom who spotted her talent at an early age. She joined the church choir, which gave her the confidence to audition for a performing arts high school where she was accepted at a young age, and majored in vocal music. Eventually, Lauriana began performing at local talent shows, auditioning for various gigs, and working with different groups. The experience gave her the confidence needed to enter the studio to record songs of her own, and to establish herself as a solo artist. With her backing band “The Pains”, comprised of a band of friends that stood by her along the way, Lauriana is gearing up to break the mold of popular music. She is reinventing the essence of great soul music from the past and present and bringing it to fans in a way that is distinctly Mae.

Lauriana Mae – Will She Be Loved

Lauriana Mae is signed to Atlantic Records and her debut is expected to drop in late 2014 or early 2015.

Lauriana Mae – Will She Be Loved Lyrics:
Tell me what happened to a bird how was just like one of the kind
When they forget that she’s even in the room sometimes
When all her guy friends starts to be girl friends start to feel lonely
Every weekend, tell me what happened
Tell me what happened
Will he ever be the one on ten time for his self
Will he ever what I think when I put it to the shelve
Will she be loved? Will she be loved?
Will she be loved? Will she be loved?
Will she be loved? Will she be loved?
Always I notice that he over look how underrated
Still over look.
Is this success where does this happy will end?

And is that girl how shaking her ass for mans how will pay her
They don’t respect her
Tell me what happened, tell me what happened
Will be ever there when he call her
And will be ever like his when his pay for it all?
Will she be loved? Will she be loved?
Will she be loved? Will she be loved?
Will she be loved? Will she be loved?
Will she be loved?
Lauriana Mae - Will She Be Loved

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