Kiley Dean: Lockdown

Talent, perseverance and congeniality are critical to the success of any aspiring pop artist. It is not merely enough to be able to sing. An artist must have an unrivaled skill to compete with others in her field, the passion to win and keep going in the face of adversity and a personality filled with warmth that universally appeals to music fans. Kiley Dean, undeniably beholds all that and more. Kiley, a beautiful statuesque blond pop singing dynamo. Her voice, melodic and soulful, transmits impressively and powerfully. On one of her new singles titled “Who I Am,” from her upcoming as-yet-untitled CD, Kiley breathes life into the musical story of an adoring lover’s dedication. The depth and range of her vocal abilities are undeniable as she croons with the fortitude of a seasoned singer. And yet, she’s so young. Similarly, Kiley’s vocals stand out, amongst pungent guitar riffs and drum beats, on the superbly instrumentally arranged songs “Dangerous” and “Changes.” It is truly the conviction in Kiley’s voice that adds the necessary spice to complete such a flavorful production.

Kiley Dean: Lockdown

On “Like That” Kiley further displays her range, singing the ballad with a breathy and sensual ease that commands a vibe of relaxation and elevation in the first twenty seconds of the track. However, it’s the recently recorded “Convince Me,” that Kiley holds very dear to her heart. “The hook is ‘convince me I’m not being ignored and why won’t they let me in?’ It’s about this past seven years of my life. It’s meaningful and most important, it’s true,” Kiley says with her charismatic southern drawl. “This song is my story.” A small town girl with a big city vibe, Kiley’s story begins in Alma, Arkansas, a town with a population of 4000.

She and her family resided there until she was eight years old. They then moved to the place where many of today’s great pop stars are bred — Orlando, Florida. From an early age, Kiley displayed a talent for performing. “I have tapes of me at two singing ‘Tomorrow,’ from Annie. My parents used to say, ‘you would do the beats and the music breaks with your mouth,’ and that’s how they knew it was more than child’s play,” says Kiley. From singing around that house to performing in church and at community functions, Kiley began to make a name for herself.

Kiley Dean: Lockdown (Official Video)

I wrote this song with Blake English and Tori Lund to serve as a metaphor to my struggles throughout the music industry in my long career.

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