Katie Boeck – Cold Water

“I grew up on the central coast of California, probably most famous now for yearly shark attacks and being the home town of Zac Efron. We dated in first grade. Don’t be jealous. My parents divorced when I was real young, so I spent my summers and a lot of vacation time in central Montana with my Dad. I feel blessed to have had the best of both worlds. Both my Mom and my Dad had… amazing record collections. My Dad wrote and sang country songs like his heroes Steve Earl and Hank Williams, Jr, and my Mom loved folk. She introduced me to Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Janis Ian, Peter Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel, the list goes on.” says Katie Boeck.

Katie Boeck – Cold Water

Katie Boeck – Cold Water Lyrics:
Spend some time apart and do some
searching for our souls
find out if they’re meant to be together
open up your heart and let the love fill in the holes
that we have made with all the storms we’ve had to weather
I know it doesn’t come easy for you
So I go with the flow and try my best to ignore you
but its hard keepin busy when you got me feelin so dizzy
but I know you’ll come around I know you’ll come
so ease my troubled mind with your effortless confidence
and though they may tell us that love is blind
baby this aint no kind of coincidence
its a great big world and I’m just one little girl
but I could be yours if you’d open up the doors
and you’d let me in
I wanna feel you like cold water on my skin
one too many nights spent tossing turning til the dawn
doubting when i could be busy dreaming
but just like these city lights you always turn me on and i find comfort
in the hands of loves redeeming
I know it doesn’t come easy for you
So I just let it go and let you know i adore you
but its hard to be strong when you
keep me waiting for so long
but i know you’ll come around
i know you’ll come around
better not think twice this aint no time to be cautious
jump in the water’s nice let it cleanse and wash us
win or lose i’ll see this through
but I am fighting for the former
kiss me quick cuz this earth is only getting warmer

Katie Boeck – What Are We Waiting For

Katie Boeck - Cold Water

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