Justine Skye – Trap Queen (SkyeMix)

With a natural God given talent, stunning good looks, bubbly personality and a daring sense of adventure, Justine Skye is on the fast track to success. At only 18 years of age, this Brooklyn born singer/songwriter lives a double life as a carefree teenager during the day and superstar in training by night. Justine Skye was born to parents of Jamaican decent on August 24th, 1995. Her mother, Nova Perry, a well-reknowned entertainment attorney, raised Justine in the music industry. Perry realized Justine was serious about being an artist at a music business panel when her daughter raised her hand and asked the room if she could sing. April 20th, 2012 marked the release of Justine’s mixtape “Skye High” which has over 50,000 views on highly acclaimed Mixtape site and was recognized as Mixtape of the Week. Justine Skye is currently working on her debut album.

Justine Skye - Trap Queen (SkyeMix)

Justine Skye is the newest songstress making waves in music. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the singer who recently collaborated with Tyga on her DJ Mustard produced breakout hit, “Collide,” has added her flavor to the catch Fetty Wap track “Trap Queen.” The Skyemix features riffs from the singer that compliments Wap’s vocals. Justine Skye who rose to fame after being discovered on Tumblr has continuously built her brand by keeping in touch with her fan-base, who she calls Unicorns, through her social media channels and random meet-ups. Get into the Skyemix of Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen’ by Justine Skye for more from the singer.

Justine Skye – Trap Queen (SkyeMix)

Justine Skye – Trap Queen (SkyeMix) Lyrics:

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