Johnathan Celestin – Be-You-tiful

Johnathan Celestin – Be-You-tiful. Recording artiste Johnathan Celestin released a new song entitled ‘Be-You-tiful’ along with an anti-bullying campaign to help combat all of the “isms” that are permeating public and private spaces nowadays. Along with the video, the campaign consists of a series of video of different people stating the phrase “I am my own beautiful, and you are too”.

Johnathan Celestin - Be-You-tiful

The song has an uptempo feel that makes you want to dance and feel good. It incorporated the use of live instruments which was written and composed by JC himself with the assistance of a few others. This is a beautiful song with a positive message.

Johnathan Celestin – Be-You-tiful

”LOVE doesn’t have a race or gender. It the release of fear! The more you let go of FEAR, the more you can LOVE! My single BE-YOU-Tiful is inspirational because social media is full of negativity And this is why I am starting an Anti-Bullying campaign. I felt this a great to reintroduce R&B and myself as an artist!”

Jonathan has illustrated a man with a heart and passion for both his career and other people. Realizing your WORTH is an amazing thing because it’s something no one can ever take from you! So don’t just be BEAUTIFUL, bless the world by being BE-YOU-Tiful!!!!

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