Joe Nat – Dreamer feat. Abbe Nur

Music composed by Henrik Berhane, Berhane Productions. Final mix and mastering by Micke Jansson. Video Directed by JizzyMix & Youssef Nasri

Joe Nat - Dreamer feat. Abbe Nur

Joe Nat – Dreamer feat. Abbe Nur

Joe Nat – Dreamer feat. Abbe Nur Lyrics:
Vers 1
Uh, theres something in us but we can’t explain it
sign language couldn’t paint it words couldn’t say it and thoughts couldn’t describe it its beyond the physical frame and the particles inside it (life)
non biological form I’m god body
performin in its purity ghandi doin karate,
bob marley meditating with malcolm holding a shotty
John lennon holding up a piece sign in his autopsy
yo principies set examples few try em others choose to live by em
and I’ll probably die for em for’ they swallow they pride
a man of honor never falls for a devilish bribe
Id rather, spark one mind then manipulate a million
fuck a high power corporation investing in oil spilling
blood out the back with military acts killing innocent civilians
we do it for the children
Live today like its my last day I pray i dont pass away
when the wind blows (when the wind blows)
Before I wake I remain a dreamer no mistake could ever break me down
I am free now
Vers 2
Yo I rhyme under my zodiac sign below the vernal equinox
immesurable to astrounats
Light couldn’t travel with me when I’m quantum leeping
a jaguar in the mayan calendar ancient teachings
you can follow while I’m setting my prints
I make music like I’m orpheus, poetical prince
egyptian kings, hiroglyfs complex equations
forbidden scriptures revealing cosmic education
patience, building a castle of sand like jimmy
inspired by him reincarnation I feel him in me
then I, transform the sand to rocks, forming sculptures
with cassius “clay” see I dont need no hands to box
I take a jab at history and then hit em with art
the universe is a metaphysical theoretical heart
that keeps breathing I stay believing everything comes back for a reason
then breaks even
Hook, Vers, Hook (Abbe Nuhr)

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