Jason Mraz – Long Drive

Jason Mraz is an American singer-songwriter. Mraz first came to prominence on the San Diego coffee house scene in 2000. At one of these coffee houses, Mraz met percussionist Toca Rivera and released Live at Java Joe’s. He released his debut album, Waiting for My Rocket to Come, which contained the hit single “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)”, in 2002, but it was not until the release of his second album, Mr. A-Z, in 2005, that Mraz achieved major commercial success. The album peaked at number five on the Billboard 200 and sold over 100,000 copies in the US. In 2008, Mraz released his third studio album, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. The album debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 and was a commercial success worldwide, peaking in the top ten of many international charts. Wikipedia®.

Jason Mraz - Long Drive

The way Jason Mraz sees it, everything in life boils down to people saying “yes”. “Yes inspires creativity. It’s what allows creativity to occur,” he says. “Yes is love. Yes is what gave us life. We’re all here because two people said yes.” Saying yes has given this singer, songwriter, musician, photographer, filmmaker, and social activist a life beyond his wildest dreams. Since getting his start 15 years ago performing in coffeehouses in his adopted city of San Diego, Mraz has brought his positive message and soulful, folk-pop sound to rapt audiences around the world through his recordings, vibrant live performances, and philanthropic efforts. Along the way, he has earned platinum or multi-platinum certifications in more than 20 countries for his various releases, sold 48 million singles, made pop history with his record-breaking classic single, “I’m Yours,” racked up two Grammy Awards among six nominations, won a prestigious Hal David Songwriter Hall of Fame Award, performed in amphitheaters and arenas across the globe, and sold out such iconic venues as The Hollywood Bowl, Madison Square Garden, and London’s O2 Arena. Saying yes has been good to Jason Mraz.

Jason Mraz – Long Drive [Official Music Video]

Jason Mraz – Long Drive Lyrics:
Long drive, long night
The best night, of my life
With you, ridin’
Your hand on my hand

The thought, of arriving
Kinda feels like dying
I don’t want, to go home
And be, alone

Could we, stay out
Could you, drive a little slower
Don’t matter where we’re going
As long as I’m with you
We can take the long way

Chevy, nova, Front seat, sofa
Getting, closer, To

Drive a little slower
Don’t matter where we’re going
As long as I’m with you
We can take the long way

Drive a little slower
Not ready to go home
I rather stay with you
We can take the long way out

To the country, out of town
Let’s get lost, I don’t want to be found
Let’s get away, now

And be careful not to crash
There’s no defrost and we’re steaming the glass
You and the road, have a generous shoulder
We could pull over
And say we took the long way

Headlights (Headlights)
Strobe lights (Strobe lights)
I can see you (See you)
But not quite (Not quite)
I can feel you (Feel you)
Inside (Inside)
The timing is (Timing). Just right (Just right)
The moment (Moment). I don’t want (Don’t want)
To go home. Take the long way out. Take the long way out

Drive a little slower.
Don’t matter where we’re going going now (whoa)
Drive a little slower.
Don’t matter where we’re going going now (whoa)
Drive a little slower. Not ready to go home.
I’d rather stay with you. We can take the long way.

Long drive, long night, The best night of my life.

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