Jae Tips – Sold My Yeezys

Jae Tips, is a promising up and coming artist from the Northern Bronx, representing the essence of the New York City music scene. His music is the quintessential combination of lyricism and story-telling of classic hip hop with an overwhelming amount of modern day swagger.

Jae Tips – Sold My Yeezys

Jae Tips – Sold My Yeezys Lyrics:
Verified annotations from Jae Tips
Dreams of a Foreign Car
Sold My yeezys for the worldstar
And got jerked like a Hand Job
But Invested in me so we wouldn’t Starve
Was bumping whoa by black rob
When realized one day that ill be a rap god
City of dreams
Where young niggas act hard
And all the bad bitches grew up to be trash broads
Got a squad with all jordans on it
Me and my niggas on the train
Cause im touring off it
To different cities
Different towns
Never outta bounds
Balling to the buzzer blow
Or the clock sounds
Made nigga catch me when im out
But doing better then these niggas on the school route
With no discredit i beheaded all the competition
Fxxx a Feature on a blog
This for a pot to piss in
Dont get me wrong i hope the world listen
Tired of selling kicks
When all my niggas selling bricks
The way the sneaker game going
Its the same flip
Same struggle
Different hustle
All the same shit

[ Hook ]
Fxxx yo City cause im repping mine
This that NY state of Mind

[ Verse 2 ]

Destine for greatness
Only thing i need to work on
Is language and lateness
Trying get out this basement
Trying move to a loft
My flow as sick as a cough
Even my bitch is a boss
Fxxx with my click and get tossed
Im from the plains niggas
Ain’t nothing change nigga
Just got some change
So i copped me some rings nigga
Gold plated
Yo ho favorite
She loving the crew
I was writing all them times
Ya had nothing to do
I had Dreams of a foreign car
Then sold my yeezy 2s for the worldstar
Then got jerked by a bad bitch
Who seen my video on worldstar
Fxx wrong with these rap dudes
I spend they whole budget on fitteds and cat food
BX nigga the fames cool
But cash rules
Ain’t with the Bs
I inked my body with tattoos
Dont get me wrong i hope the world listen
The young bull
Im MJ in my Scottie Pippens
Pray for my forgiveness
And hope the lord grant it
Cause everyday has been a struggle on this xxxing planet.

Jae Tips - Sold My Yeezys

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