Idesia – Away

Idesia’s got more than a little something goin on, blending a delicious R&B, hip-hop, neo-soul, jazz smoothie into a satiating gift to the ears and soul. Sophie’s flawlessly unique timbre weaves in and out of the hip-hop drums, glossy keyboard lines and cleverly placed bass lines. One would think Dilla, Madlib or Flying Lotus are the masterminds behind the off-beat drum grooves in the verses, but they’re not. It’s just Idesia doing Idesia. Then the four on the floor starts to kick (get it?) in the chorus, pleasantly changing the feel of the song altogether. Idesia’s music possesses a keen ability to gently slip into my subconscious and take my mind to atmospheric and ethereal dwellings that I frankly don’t mind being taken to. Like a much needed massage after a week of exhausting workouts, let Idesia’s “Nu” be your massage after a long, hard day of work as you kick your feet up and perhaps crack open a cold one and light up a bold one.

Idesia - Away

So many amazing things about this song. The bass/vocal line at 2:03. The drum craziness at the end. Her voice. It’s just such a great song from an album that I simply can’t stop listening to. The production is on point and it’s a fantastic freshman album. After perusing through their youtube videos, it looks like Idesia also puts on a fantastic live show. Incredible studio band that also plays exciting live shows…I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Idesia.

Idesia – Away

Idesia – Away Lyrics:
Started with adorning
Sleepy eyes ‘till five in the morning
Holding hands in the autumn, fall, spring, leaves when I sought them
Recklessness, restlessness, empty bless
Can’t fill the void with no necklaces
Only level headed never glancing down
We could go down quick, hopes are counterfeit
Did you find what you wanted?
Never cry if you want it
Lay low subdued, live life confused

You know
Take me slow
Wake me up when I’m away
Who knows
Fake it slow
Take me up when I’m away

Leaning on indecision
To make a decision to escape
Bright eyes sometimes shaded with cloudy vision
Your presence was a present wrapped in the essence of adolescence
Young, fleeting, feelings, linger
Young, fleeting, feelings, go figure
Slowly it’s embedded, beck and call me down
Only for a minute, that’s all I’ve got now
Did you find what you wanted?
Never cry if you want it
Old past cut loose
Live life confused

You know
Take me slow
Wake me up when I’m away
Who knows, Fake it slow
Take me up when I’m away.

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