Haley Small – Don’t Let Go

23-year-old Haley Small is an aspiring R&B-Pop singer/ songwriter with big talent and big dreams. Anxiously striving to make her mark in the music industry, she has been writing, performing, collaborating, recording and doing anything and everything else to try and expand her horizons. Haley’s talent was first widely recognized when she sang the national anthems for a Blue Jay’s game at the Sky Dome at 10 years old. From then on, from ages 10 to 13, she continued to perform wherever she could to gain experience and continue to be recognized. Such places included Queen’s Park’s Jerk and Jazz Festival, the Living Arts Centre, and other charity events and talent showcases. At this time Haley was also being trained vocally and in piano. When she was 12 years old she began some studio work with Toronto’s well-known Jazz artist, Eddie Bullen, who acted as a musical mentor for her for many years as she got experience writing and recording music. At 14 years old, after continuing to train and work with people on and off stage, she started working with the Epydemix production team and 2012 Management Company on an album that would showcase Haley and the music they created at EMI Publishing Studio in Toronto with credible writers such as Toronto’s Kuya Productions. Through performing, writing and recording at such a young age, Haley has grown tremendously as a vocalist, writer, pianist, dancer, and has learned the importance of being a well-rounded artist. An R&B girl at heart, Haley’s main inspirations are Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Boys II Men, Rihanna, Neyo, Brandy, Christina Aguilera and Musiq Soulchild. Haley continues to collaborate, try new things, and learn from everything and everyone around her, with hopes to successfully one day share her music with the world. Although she has always considered herself a writer, recently Haley has turned her focus to refining her ability to write hit songs. Now, not only does she aspire to be an artist, but also an established writer. She has been working on artist placements with some of Toronto’s known producers and has developed a still growing portfolio of 27 professionally recorded songs in the past 4 months. Networking, writing, and continuing work diligently with the circle of musicians and industry participants that she has surrounded herself with to improve her career and herself as an artist, Haley and almost all of the people who have witnessed her talent and determination believe that she is destined for big success.

Haley Small – Don’t Let Go (Music Video)

Haley Small – Don’t Let Go Lyrics:
Haley Small - Don't Let Go

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