Gidge – I Fell In Love

Gidge are Jonatan Nilsson and Ludvig Stolterman who both hail from the town of Umeå in the north of Sweden. Together they make airy minimal electronic music, reminiscent of Burial. ‘I fell in love’ sounds like a declaration of love to nature, with drizzling rain and an airy soundscape. There’s even the sound of thunder! Lush and emotive, it mirrors the Scandinavian surrounding of wild forests and frosty landscapes perfectly. Like nature slowly taking over and breaking down an abandoned part of civilization, ‘I fell in love’ is not a quick listening but slowly, piece by piece, it will take a firm hold of you and suck you into its wilderness.

Gidge – I Fell In Love

“‘I Fell in Love’ is a lush and emotive tune, one whose airy melodies and icy structure mirrors the group’s “Scandinavian surroundings of native forests and snow,” from which Gidge is said to gather much of its inspiration. Spanning over six minutes, the track moves at a patient pace, gradually adding melodies and new layers of miniature percussion to the song’s somber bounce as it builds towards its climax.”

Gidge – I Fell In Love Lyrics:

Gidge - I Fell In Love

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