Future – Honest (Dave Luxe Refix)

Growing up with Hip Hop, Dave quickly fell in love with Electro music when he started DJ’ing back in 2003. And we’re talking about Afrika Bambataa, Kraftwerk, or Cybotron here. Later evolving into Bass music, Miami Bass and Ghettotech, he started to collect vinyl records with one goal only: to put his hands on all the tunes that make the booty shake! Now going from house to booty bass, from dubstep to b’more club, he plays every genres of music as long as it’s raw, bass heavy, and has some nasty lyrics on top of it. His mixing style is fast, energetic, and technical, never hesitating to drop a few scratches and cuts in the mix. Dave Luxe is also a versatile producer, making original tracks, remixes and bootlegs in different genres, collaborating with various MCs from his hometown, whom he made some major hits with. But Dave is not only a party animal, he’s also a longtime southern rap amateur and produces the dopest rap beats (country rap tunes as they call it), and is currently working on other more laid back projects with artists from the South. He played in the biggest venues of the capital and shared the bill with legends like DJ Funk, Busy P, Scottie B, DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn, Booty Call Crew, DJ Sega, DJ Omega, Kazey & Bulldog, Zombie Disco Squad, Feadz, Top Billin, Cobra Krames, South Rakkas Crew, Raziek, Partyharders, and Forma.T, just to name a few. He is also one of the founders of the REGULATE parties, a fresh new concept that came up in 2009, bringing some of the finest underground DJ’s down to Brussels, many for the first time. Don’t sleep on him, you will definitely hear more stuff coming from Dave Luxe in a very near future!

Future – Honest (Dave Luxe Refix)

Future – Honest (Dave Luxe Refix) Lyrics:
Dark Marzal on me I’m just honest
Rock star my swag I’m just honest
Everything exotic I’m just honest
Gold all on my neck I’m just honest
Yeah, I’m just honest
We got the club on smash

Name another nigga hot I’m just honest
Gold bottles on bottles, I’m just honest
100,000 on watches I’m just honest
Coupes all on coupes, I’m just honest
I keep a gang of bad bitches with me too
And we ain’t never going back to what we used to do
I was gon lie to you but I had to tell the truth
I’m just being honest

My pxxx coming back dirty, I’m just being honest
Got bitches kissing on bitches, I’m just being honest
I’m a rock star for life, I’m just being honest
Got a check on me right now, I’m just being honest
We done turnt up in Platinum, then we gon hit Onyx
Ain’t nothing but a dope boy, I’m just being honest
These niggas get shot for being honest
I fxxxed her on the spot, I’m just being honest
I’mma stack it til it rot, I’m just being honest
And I’m driving foreign coupes, dash 200
Live a rich nigga life, I’m just being honest
Real street nigga ain’t get nothing but pain from it

Got cxxx all in my draws, I’m just honest
My diamonds ain’t got flaws, I’m just honest
These hoes on sight niggas, I’m just honest
We can ball all night nigga, I’m just honest
You fuck nigga ya’ll don’t even know struggle
You ain’t even know why a nigga out here hustling
Got flat screens in the trap spot, I’m honest
Kept it real with all you niggas, I’m just too honest
Took some bitches out the strip club, I’m just honest
To the niggas all out in the hood, I’m just honest
Lil Mexico fo life, I’m just honest
I came up shootin dice, I’m just honest.

Future - Honest (Dave Luxe Refix)

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