Fractures – Embers

Fractures is destined to become a massive success in Australia, with groove-laden tracks, lingering vocals and a warm, gooey sound that envelopes you entirely. Check ‘Twisted’ for the big hit that launched him into our consciousness, and come back to Cadence and its B-Side ‘Tizer’ for more evidence that his upcoming EP will be nothing short of amazing.

Fractures – Embers Live

Fractures – Embers Lyrics:
So cold we’re frozen,
Red lights, See the embers floating,
Feels like I have woken
Time slows, now we are unbroken

Skin grows after wounds stop weeping,
Thoughts fade, What we feel is fleeting,
Don’t wake us, We are only sleeping,
False fate, In this world we’re dreaming

What does it mean when something’s not wrong,
Is it so bad that these feelings have gone,
Maybe it’s fine that everything’s done.

Find out we were barely breathing,
New life, body’s finally feeling,
Skin grows, I can see it peeling,
Time shows, we are done with healing.
Fractures - Embers

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