Flo Morrissey – Pages Of Gold

Flo Morrissey – Pages Of Gold. The 19-year-old English singer-songwriter Flo Morrissey is an old soul—kind of. Her lyrics are tethered to her teenage experiences, but her velveteen voice has a classic, ageless quality that makes her music relatable to youngs and olds alike. Her debut album is set to come out on Glassnote Records in spring of 2015, and she recently released her first single, “Pages of Gold.”

Flo Morrissey - Pages Of Gold

A haunting and confident ballad, Flo Morrisey’s new track ‘Pages Of Gold’ is the perfect end to a hype-courting year. With a vocal that carries in a similar way to Lana Del Rey, thoughwith a honey-sweet edge that the ‘Blue Jeans’ star is lacking, Flo Morrissey’s downtrodden ode to a former love is heartbreaking, but not heartbroken – she acknowledges that “it’s been too long for me to expect any sympathy,” but in a way that sees her retain full composure.

Flo Morrissey – Pages Of Gold

Flo Morrissey – Pages Of Gold Lyrics:

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