Felin: Gossip

Felin is an artist project developed by songwriter and artist Elin Blom together with creative director Fredrik Etoall. It’s not only a musical project but also an art project where one artist meets another. Together we are F E L I N.

Felin: Gossip

Finnish artist Felin has just delivered a knockout with new single ‘Gossip’. An epic song that builds into a climactic cross between film score and goth ballad. It’s got a chorus that’s painfully fraught with emotion.

FELIN say: “Gossip is about things I’ve experienced. About alienation, not fitting in and all the shit you get if you refuse to fit inside the box. A song about how the mean words still hurt but how they also made me stronger.”

Felin: Gossip

Director: Fredrik Etoall – Producer: FELIN – DOP: Fredrik Etoall – Air cam operator & first camera assistant: Fredrik Stejmar – Production assistants: Patrik Ritala, Felix Karlström, Emilia Rönnbacka, Axel Blom, Ulrika Ahlbäck, Peter Blom, Pauline Enorson, Mikael Johansson – Post production: Fredrik Etoall, Robin Wellström – Editor: Robin Wellström.

Felin: Gossip Lyrics:

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