Fake Laugh: Mind Tricks

With what feels much like an escalating, uplifting melody, “Mind Tricks” by London’s Fake Laugh actually addresses a lack of fulfillment and touches of melancholy. It’s this contrast that lends the track a thoughtful edge amidst the gentle psychedelia swirling about. It’s poppy, persistent and all around very sweet.

Fake Laugh: Mind Tricks

Kamran Khan’s been a fixture in the world of instant fix guitar pop for the past two years. In-between touring with Oscar as part of his full band, he’s been wheeling out sweet numbers like ‘Mind Tricks’ for fun. Consider this in the same sphere to The Magic Gang’s doting but deadly invention, with nods to Stateside giants like Mac DeMarco. Khan always links everything with a ‘50s-nodding charm, like Buddy Holly raised in a broken digital age. He’s a star – half the world just doesn’t know it yet.

Mind Tricks/Birdsong Lullaby single out digitally on Canvasback/Fierce Panda 29th January. Recorded, produced and mixed with Theo Verney at Church Road & Regal Studioz. Artwork by Lucia Masters.

Fake Laugh: Mind Tricks (Official Video)

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