Effi – Bloom

EFFI is a indiePop artist from GRAZ using electronic and acoustic instruments.

Effi – Bloom [official video]

If you haven’t had the chance to come across the very talented Austrian indie-pop singer/songwriter, Effi, you’re going to be in for a pleasant surprise because his sophomore album is fantastic. With only one album under his belt, Effi, might still be unknown in North America, but if this album were to spread around here, this would change very quickly. Through his universally appealing song-writing structure of captivating choruses & memory ingraining vocals, Effi, is the kind of artist that is meant for the limelight. Closer is his sophomore album that was released on March 8th. It’s available for purchase on US itunes, so when you’re done running through the highlights we highly suggest you grab this album.

Effi – Bloom Lyrics:

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