DNKL – Hunt

Say hello to DNKL (pronounced “Dunkel”), a new noir electronica trio hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden. Little is known about the group, but judging from the sound of their dark, atmospheric debut single “Hunt”, we expect to hear more from them in the near future. Not much is known about DNKL, a self proclaimed Swedish noir electronica trio out of Gothenburg. Before this week they had only tweeted twice, had three photos on their instagram and had a website that contained a single stark image of a grainy tunnel with a light illuminating from its end.
DNKL – Hunt

DNKL – Hunt (Official Music Video)

Created by Jan David Günther & Bassi Lichtenberg / Produced by Blackbloom / Starring Nis Alps / Director of Photography – Jan David Günther / Art Director & Costume Designer – Bassi Lichtenberg
DNKL - Hunt

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