Devon Baldwin – Blame

Devon Baldwin – Blame. A new interesting singer-songwriter has arrived. She’s called Devon Baldwin and is from San Francisco. Undoubtedly, the dream pop is a musical style that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It’s definitely a relaxing musical style. An excellent example is the sound achieved by this new artist who has managed to attract attention with her first single “Refuse“, released this summer. Now, she strikes back with her new single and second offer called “Blame“. Definitely a wonderful and glorious production where the singer produces a delightful musical atmosphere with her angelic voice. A unique result produced by 4e, where we can admire her amazing and subtle way to seduce our ears. Baldwin is currently working on her upcoming debut studio album, scheduled to be released in 2015.

Devon Baldwin - Blame
Frequent G-Eazy collaborator and songstress Devon Baldwin is back again with a new track called “Blame.” The incredibly seductive and hazy track was laid down by 4e, who create the perfect backdrop for Devon to have her vocals shine. Her new material is really showing not only her growth as a singer/songwriter, but that she has the talent to compete with the big names in the industry.

Devon Baldwin – Blame

Devon Baldwin – Blame Lyrics:
[Verse 1]
I’m getting kinda tired of
The things you say before you walk away
And I’m getting kinda tired of
The way you want me but you can’t behave
Cause you think I wouldn’t notice
But you are the coldest
I can’t believe I waited around for you
Wait around for you
But you slipped up, lost focus
And I caught you at your lowest
Ride around with somebody new
With somebody new
And you said

Baby you’re the only one, I promise I’ll do better
Even when it all gets bad I’ll hold us together
But I said, “bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye”

[Verse 2]
I bet you’re getting tired of
Wondering where I’m at when it get’s late
And I bet you’re getting tired cause
Facing all the facts drives you insane
Guess you know now how it feels to
Be hurt by the one you
Thought would always be holding you down
Be holding you down
Bet you wish now you had stayed true
Cause you don’t know what to do
Knowing that I’ll never be around
I’ll never be around
And you said
[Verse 3]
Boy you thought you’d put me first
You turned out to be the worst
But I won’t let you make me take the blame
You thought I would play the fool
Now you know the chance I had
And baby you’re the only one to blame

Devon Baldwin - Blame