Ddendyl – More

Born in Castile, NY into a home exploding with creativity, Ddendyl Hoyt expressed an affinity for music from an early age. With some help from her parents, she essentially taught herself to expertly play the piano and violin, but it was her classically trained voice that spotlighted the promising young talent during adolescence. Competing for her attention, it was the illustrious Interlochen Academy in Traverse City, Michigan that she choose to further her study into music in her teen years. While there, her operatic overtones were appreciated by students and teachers alike as she expanded her range to include a signature brand of jazz and folk. The singer now described as sultry found her place during her college tenure in Miami and made the move to Los Angeles to chase the her dream. While in California she explored a career in acting and modeling which eventually led to an offer to move to NY and pursue her true passion of music once again. Ddendyl is performing regularly around NYC and the DC area sharing her original compositions along with her versions of both contemporary covers and classic standards.

Ddendyl – More

Ddendyl is performing her original “More”. Recorded at “ishlab studio” in Dumbo / New York. Thanks to everybody involved, including Daniel Lynas (Audio Engineer), Zachary Meyer (Audio Engineer) and Alexandra Looney (Assistance).

Ddendyl – More Lyrics:
Ddendyl - More

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