Daniela Gandolfo – Trance Mix Episode 88

Daniela Gandolfo – Trance Mix Episode 88 (12-01-2015). Dany G with real name Daniela Gandolfo was born in Italy in 1984 in a small town called Sestri Levante not far from Genova. She has started to take interest in music since her childhood especially for the trance sound. That made her to have an ambition to mix , so she just has started to Dj’ing , but the fans are already many. She loves Trance and mix and hope that one day she will be a “big” name across the globe. Dany G started at Liquid Radio in 2012 with her trance show “Flying in Trance” on air Every Monday at 22:00 (GMT+2).

Daniela Gandolfo - Trance Mix Episode

Dany G (Italy) is well known for her uplifting dynamic trance sets fused with modern tech elements. Take a journey through an impressive array of sounds flavored with electric energy. Enjoy tracks from Giuseppe Ottaviani, Adam Ellis, Will Atkinson and more! Free your mind, groove your body, illuminate your soul… and please drink some water when Dany’s in control. Highly recommended…★ ♪♫♪

Daniela Gandolfo – Trance Mix Episode 88 (12-01-2015)

Dany G – Special Episode 86 – A few years ago always TRANCE in my heart
01. Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars (Paul Webster Bootleg)
02. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Liverpool (Standerwick Remix)
03. ReOrder – Forgotten Sunsets (Original Mix)
04. Adam Ellis – Aulus (Original Mix)
05. Jordan Suckley – Elation (Will Rees Remix)
06. Delirium – Innocente (Paul Denton & Alex Ryan Rework)
07. Matt Skyer – Necromancy (Original Mix)
08. Conductor & The Cowboy – Feeling This Way (Bryan Kearney & Adam Ellis Remix)
09. Will Atkinson – Harvester (Original Mix)
10. Daniel Skyver – Panic Stations (Original Mix)
11. PPK – Resurection (Tuomas.L Bootleg)

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Daniela Gandolfo - Trance Mix Episode 88