Daniel James – A Lonely Man

Daniel James – A Lonely Man. Daniel James is a 23 year old singer from Northern Ireland. He has been writing and creating his musical world in London for the past 2 years. Having previously put ‘Jackdaw’ and ‘The Stone And The Hollow’ online earlier this year, both with captivating video clips (both tracks also played on BBC Radio 1 Introducing Show), he returns with a new track, ‘A Lonely Man’.

Daniel James – A Lonely Man

Daniel James arrived in London two years ago, a young songwriter with everything to prove. Building his world from the ground up, the Northern Irish artist has sculpted his own sound, pieced together his own outlook on life. “A Lonely Man” is based on parallel stories. One part expresses my own struggles with everyday life and another part expresses my imagination of what ‘struggling’ actually entails. Researching old reference books and documentaries, I focussed on the struggle of the slaves in chain gangs in America in the nineteenth century. I tried to harness old slave/gospel type vocal rhythms in the track to reflect the parallel story . “A Lonely Man” is a story of one man’s battle, both real and imagined.

Music by Daniel James
Directed by Elena Bechthold and Hans Hertel
Actor – Josia Krug
Camera – RiotPixels

Daniel James

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