Cyril Hahn – Slow ft. Rochelle Jordan

Cyril Hahn – Slow ft. Rochelle Jordan. The best music is made by those who expose our very guilty pleasures with undeniable, stimulating creations. This can be said of the mere samples we have received from rising producer Cyril Hahn. Cyril experimented early on during high school with music production and abandoned it after leaving his hometown of Bern, Switzerland to pursue his studies in Vancouver, Canada. After a 3 year hiatus from music, feeling a need to return to his former love, he sat down and did what is considered by some to be taboo: stripped down two iconic R&B songs and gave them his unique atmospheric twist: Mariah Carey’s ‘Touch My Body’ and Destiny’s Child ‘Say My Name’. Cyril’s remixes instantly hit a nerve with internet fans and other artists after uploading to his Soundcloud, especially the Destiny’s Child anthem. This summer, ‘Say My Name’ hit #1 on Hype Machine, was selected as the final track by Diplo for his BBC Radio 1 mix show, and posted as a favourite on the fan page of global trendsetting group, The xx.

Cyril Hahn – Slow ft. Rochelle Jordan

This fall Annie Mac also fell in love with the song, playing it on her radio show, at many of her shows and mentioning it as one of her addictive tracks of the year. ‘Say My Name’ now has over 600,000 plays on Soundcloud, countless tribute videos with over 2 million YouTube views, and is considered by many to be a favourite of 2012. Toward the end of the year, Cyril released 3 other remixes that have also become crowd favourites: a hauntingly melodious remix of UK Electropop duo Alpines single ‘Chances’, followed by the atmospheric remix of Solange’s ‘Losing You’, and the up-tempo, high-energy remix for U.S sister trio HAIM’s ‘Don’t Save Me’ (No.2 Hype Machine). Look out for two more official remixes out early 2013. Let Cyril continue to feed your guilty pleasures with memorable shows & music for years to come.

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Cyril Hahn – Slow ft. Rochelle Jordan Lyrics:
[Verse 1: Rochelle Jordan]
I see you around
I been feeling you out, but
I really wanna take you down
Hearing you clear and loud, loud
And I could tell that you’re the type to get satisfied babe
But then I hit the breaks, oh
Do you even know my name?
So many things to think about
Time will help figure it out
But I’m the kind of girl you like
Now we’re moving so far ahead, but tell me one thing babe

[Chorus: Rochelle Jordan] (x2)
Do you mind if we take it slow?
Do you mind if we don’t let go? (let go)
Do you mind if we take it slow?
Because I really want, really want, I really want, to get to know, oh, oh

[Refrain: Rochelle Jordan]
(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah)
Because I really want, really want, really want to get to know you)

[Verse 2: Rochelle Jordan]
Playing with my head
You’re making all the right moves tonight
As if I’m here to say all the things I meant
I need to leave here tonight with a dignified me
I tried to play it close
But I got my hands on you
And you got your hands on me
I must be crazy (We must be crazy)
I know we’re speeding, tell me

[Chorus] (x4) + [Refrain]
Cyril Hahn - Slow ft. Rochelle Jordan