Conclave – Ocean Star

Conclave is a musician based in the Phillipines, where he started releasing music around mid-October of last year. Unfortunately, that is about all the info I can find on him, deduced from his multiple social network accounts. But if “Ocean Star” is any evidence, we will be hearing more about him and from him in the not-so-distant future. “Ocean Star” is a twinkling work of atmospheric electronic that features vocals by Luxe Calip, who sounds not unlike Lana Del Rey (in a, I had to check to make sure it wasn’t her kind of way) but who develops slightly different nuances around halfway into the song.

Conclave – Ocean Star

Conclave – Ocean Star Lyrics:
I get up each day
With my hopes
Facing down, down, down
The clocks and the rain
They remind me
Of your sound, sound, sound

My days are cold
But your memories
They shine like gold
You’re my precious gem
Like a diamond,
That once was coal

You’re the beauty queen
The world has never seen
But your face is perfectly
Emblazoned every time I dream

You’re my Ocean star
Even though were’re lives apart
You’re the hand that keeps the beat,
Beatin ‘of my broken heart

I get up each day
With my hopes
Facing down, down, down
I get out each day
With my hopes
Facing down, down, down.
Conclave - Ocean Star

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