Cocoa Jackson Lane – Fall On My Floor

Raised in Australia and of Maori and Indonesian heritage, Cocoa Jackson Lane explore the flavours of their Pacific backdrop whilst also digging deep into urban influences and swirling 70’s rock in their second single Fall On My Floor. Driven by an unwavering 808 pulse, the self produced track is punctuated by Jess Harlen’s defiant, soulful vocals and Camilla’s groove heavy bass.

Cocoa Jackson Lane – Fall On My Floor

Fall On My Floor” itself grooves with an underlying 70’s rock/funk, which at first is so cool that it almost transports you back to that era. However, the listener is thrust into a modern disco era sound that is haunting, thanks to the interplay between Harlen’s smoky vocals and Charlesworth’s hip and heavy bass. Surprisingly the synthesized, and at times almost atonal sound, punctuated throughout with a powerful 808 pulse, provides the track with an added layer and depth and you are left wanting more from Cocoa Jackson Lane. This is single two from the upcoming EP and if this track is any indication of what’s to come, we are in for a real treat.

Cocoa Jackson Lane – Fall On My Floor Lyrics:
Cocoa Jackson Lane - Fall On My Floor

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