Client Liaison – Free Of Fear

Given their shared appreciation for story telling and dignified belief in the Australian identity, Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan naturally found themselves writing music together. From the studio to the top end of town, Client Liaison’s sound plays out like a long lunch followed by a round of cocktails. Describing their sonic palate as ‘dance electric’, ‘new jack swing’ and ‘pop ballad’, this multisensory experience will feed any listeners’ appetite. International in flavor, cosmopolitan in style – this is Client Liaison.

Client Liaison – Free Of Fear

‘Free Of Fear’ is a nostalgic pop tune, filled with synth piano lines, a driving beat, and as always harbors a really catchy vocal melody. The band don’t just limit their ‘gimmicks’ to their visual aesthetics either, in the chorus a very early 90s styled female wail belts over the chorus giving a nod to bands of a forgone era and the music that has inspired them.

Client Liaison – Free Of Fear Lyrics:

Client Liaison - Free Of Fear

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