Chrisette Michele – Super Chris

Chrisette Michele – Super Chris. American singer-songwriter Chrisette Michele is back to the music spotlight with brand new single called “Super Chris“. The smoothly delicious R&B/Soul production is confirmed as the lead single taken from her upcoming fifth studio album “The Lyricist’s Opus“, scheduled to be released on November 2, 2014 via Universal Motown and Def Jam. The song has a soulful vocals over subtle instrumentation and it reminds me to English singer-songwriter Estelle in her album “Shine” (2008).

Chrisette Michele – Super Chris (2014)

A song of self-awareness, Chrisette Michele uses her lyrics in this one to declare that she is her own hero as she sings, Cause I’m a superstar, is that who I are? / I’m a superstar / No not really though, not really not at all / I’m this, I’m super Chris. The entire video is shot in black and white, which leaves our imagination to groove with the simplicity of the dance moves from a professional dancer, intertwined with close up shots of Chrisette’s perfect face. As an R&B Diva (in reality and reality T.V.), Chrisette Michele has all the right in the world to use her own confidence to empower women through her music. She is equal parts rebel and classy, and her image has definitely been overhauled while still maintaining the same vocal powerhouse we grew to love.

Chrisette Michele – Super Chris (Acoustic)

Chrisette Michele – Super Chris Lyrics:
[Verse 1]
Don’t wake me up too early in the morning
I really need my tea, some watermelon please, so sweet
I got a problem with the break of dawning
A diva really does need her sleep
I’m brave I’m bold but first I need my TV
A little bit of news, a couple of cartoons, yes please
Check Instgram and all the twitter postings
I wonder what the world thinks of me

Am I a superstar
Is that who I are?
I’m a superstar
No not really though
Not really, not at all
I’m fierce
A super Chris
(Uh huh, I is, a Super duper Chris
I am, my best, I can only be Chris)

[Verse 2]
I’m insecure I’m really only normal
Some days I’m really cute, some days I’m really brutally not
Some days I’m free some days I’m really formal, yeah
Depending if the wind blows or stops, uh
Is it okay that I write what I think for a living?
Wouldn’t you say that my jobs pretty great, i think so
I like your song baby, I’ll sing along with one heart
Unity is why I make art, yeah
[Hook] (x2)
Chrisette Michele - Super Chris