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Foals - Mountain At My Gates

Foals – Mountain At My Gates

Foals are an English indie rock band from Oxford, England. They are currently signed to Warner Bros. Records. They released their debut album, Antidotes, on 24 March 2008 in the United Kingdom and on 8 April 2008 in the United States. The band’s second album, Total Life Forever, was released on 10 May 2010. The […]

Roses and Revolutions - Start Over

Roses and Revolutions – Start Over

When most artists talk about writing on the road, it’s a euphemism for late nights spent working in hotel rooms or backstage on tour. When Rochester indie pop duo Roses and Revolutions aka singer Alyssa Coco and guitarist Matt Merritt talk about writing on the road, they mean it quite literally. In fact, most of […]

Iris Lune - Triplets

Iris Lune – Triplets

Iris Lune initially began as the project of singer-songwriter Ella Joy Meir when she met guitarist and composer Asher Kurtz in Boston. As their exploration and experimentation of sounds transformed into serious songwriting, they recruited Aaron Liao and Angelo Spampinato to complete their roster, and relocated to Brooklyn. Iris: The Greek messenger goddess, from sea […]

The Palms - Push Off

The Palms – Push Off

Self-proclaimed Hip/POP duo The Palms have effortlessly combined their love of hip/hop and popular music to create a fresh, uplifting sound, resulting in the perfect soundtrack to a summer night in Los Angeles. The need to make music without barriers or inhibitions is what initially inspired Johnny Zambetti and Ben Rothbard to explore artistic ideas […]

Girl Friend - Poison

Girl Friend – Poison

Manchester’s Girl Friend extends their streak of terrific releases with more of their 80’s electronic pop influenced muggy music, via new song Monte Carlo. The glossy dance pop treat is an intoxicating affair, carrying a whimsical disco pop sass and a refined lushness. The silken vocals and uptempo energy remind me of Hot Chip, but […]

Tee Stone - Talk'n Bout Me

Tee Stone – Talk’n Bout Me

Tee Stone is a fresh, young & confident rapper hailing from South London. He is the founder of Lost Boys Inc, as well as the Co CEO of Lost Boys Recordings. He started rapping from the age of 14 and for some years was in a Grime collective called the Monstars until his late teens. […]

Luna Aura - Dancing With Your Ghost

Luna Aura – Dancing With Your Ghost

Luna Aura is a singer, songwriter, and producer of cosmic Dream-Pop Electronica, sent from outer space to Phoenix, AZ. Aura bends genres as she boldly blends pop melodies with trap beats and trippy synths, mixing in refreshing indie sounds with Top 40 hooks. Her lyrics contain statements on youth, pop culture, and feminism, each song […]

Postaal - Freedom

Postaal – Freedom

There’s two of them. One of them is English and the other is French and they make music together in Paris. Apparently they met in a cave, but let’s be real, that’s probably bull. They also have close affiliations with The Shoes. You know The Shoes—they’re that uber cool French electronic crew who tickled your […]

K-OS - Crucify

K-OS – Crucify

To be K-OS in 2015 is to find the happy medium between hip-hop’s penchant for rapid-fire releases and perpetual stylistic mutation with the more measured approach and timeless aspirations of rock ‘n’ roll artists—all while engineering his music for a post-EDM pop landscape that has not only changed listeners’ tastes, but their very physiology. Current […]

Idesia - Sun Eyes

Idesia – Sun Eyes

Idesia’s got more than a little something goin on, blending a delicious R&B, hip-hop, neo-soul, jazz smoothie into a satiating gift to the ears and soul. Sophie’s flawlessly unique timbre weaves in and out of the hip-hop drums, glossy keyboard lines and cleverly placed bass lines. One would think Dilla, Madlib or Flying Lotus are […]

Nero - Satisfy

Nero – Satisfy

“Satisfy” is a song by British electronic music group Nero. It was released on 14 May 2014 as the lead single from Nero’s forthcoming second studio album, Between II Worlds. It peaked at number 50 on the UK Singles Chart. Nero, stylized as NERO, is a British electronic music trio composed of members Daniel Stephens, […]

The Chainsmokers - Waterbed feat. Waterbed

The Chainsmokers – Waterbed feat. Waterbed

Wise beyond their years and aggressively handsome, these two overachievers are focused on success. Never before has the world seen two furry browed individuals such as these two (seriously they have really bushy eye brows). As you might have imagined Alex and Drew did not meet on the set of their Vogue Cover shoot while […]