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Aral Calendar 2014

Aral Calendar 2014 Historical Aral vehicles from the 1930s to the 1960s Aral is a brand of automobile fuels and gas stations, present in Germany and Luxembourg, but formerly used in most countries of Western and Central Europe. The company behind the brand name, Aral AG (previously Veba Öl AG), is owned by BP, but […]

PC Wizard 2013 – Gets Full Windows 8.1 Support

PC Wizard 2013 has received a new round of improvements this morning, finally getting support for Microsoft’s latest Windows 8.1 operating system. PC Wizard 2013 2.12 also includes support for new Intel and AMD processors and chipsets, while also getting plenty of bug fixes supposed to improve the overall experience with the application. As you […]

Bravo Magazine

Bravo Magazine Bravo is the largest teen magazine within the German-language sphere. The first issue was published in 1956, subtitled as “the magazine for film and television” („Die Zeitschrift für Film und Fernsehen“). Marilyn Monroe’s portrait graced the first published issue, the never-published dummy issue cover displayed Elvis Presley. The founder of the magazine was […]

Use WhatsApp on PC

How to Install and Use WhatsApp on PC? I think all of you are aware of Whatsapp and How fast/good it is in Mobiles? But What about using it on PC, Yes we can make it run on Computer also. Well this is just awesome and possible via some trick mentioned below later. Basically WhatsApp […]

Hör Zu – German weekly TV and radio magazine

Hör Zu – German weekly TV and radio magazine Hörzu is a German weekly television listings magazine published by Axel Springer. The magazine first appeared in 1946 as the first radio program magazine to be produced in what was then the British zone of occupation. Over the years Hörzu has shifted the emphasis of its […]

Windows 8.1 Will Finally Support High-Resolution Displays Properly

The most obnoxious thing about a great, high-resolution touchscreen display these days is the size of the text. It’s tiny, even on Microsoft’s own high-resolution Surface Pro tablet. That’s about to change with Windows 8.1, however. During the Build press conference early this morning, Microsoft pledged to fix the tiny-text problem on current high-res Windows machines […]

Friedrich Nietzsche quotes

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness… Friedrich Nietzsche – (German classical Scholar, Philosopher and Critic of culture, 1844-1900.

Female tattoos can range in any direction

Ladies, your body makes you sexy. Your face makes you pretty. Your smile makes you gorgeous. But your mind makes you beautiful…

Syfy announces Ringworld miniseries

The network has greenlit miniseries based on Larry Niven’s Ringworld. Ringworld is perhaps Larry Niven’s best known story. It is one of the very few novels to win both of science fiction’s most prestigious literary awards, the Hugo (Best Novel, 1971) and the Nebula (Best Novel, 1970). A four-hour version of Ringworld will follow a team of deep-space explorers […]