Cal Scruby – Stay Rich

Cal Scruby is a 23-year-old product of Cincinnati, Ohio and the Ohio State University. “Scrubby is the most personal project I have ever created,” said Scruby, whose previous album, Boy Genius, was released last year. “’Its real, transparent, honest, satirical, sometimes purposefully hypocritical… it’s about the inner conflict of any artist… the balance between making music that represents me and music that represents you… the label vs. independence… if you don’t listen to it all the way through, you may not understand it… but in that case, it’s not for you — open minds only.”

Cal Scruby – Stay Rich (Official Music Video)

“Stay Rich” serves as the first official release for Cal’s third mixtape SCRUBBY. The song is drenched in confident, thought-out boasting. Cal rhymes as if he is assuring you he is destined for the top. And he might just be right. The video is clean with a short story to go along with it. SCRUBBY is out October first on, and follow Cal on Twitter for more.

Cal Scruby – Stay Rich Lyrics:
Cal Scruby - Stay Rich

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