Bo Saris – She’s On Fire

It’s a bold move to describe someone as the new, male equivalent of the late Amy Winehouse – but those really are the best words for the Motown-revisited sounds of Bo Saris. Holland-by-way-of-Ladbroke Grove singer Bo Saris has made quite the impression in his native Netherlands, but wanted a change from being a big fish in a little sea, and is now looking set to break onto the UK scene with his powerful vocal register and soulful intonations. The influences on ‘She’s On Fire’ are clear from the outset – Bill Withers, Prince, Marvin Gaye and, of course, Amy herself. The funk bass, the reserved riffs of the blues guitar and the almost Doors-esque organ all intertwine to provide one terrific backing track, but the real beauty of this single is Saris’ voice. In an era of auto-tune finding its way onto even the most left field songs, you could be forgiven for believing the art of singing is dead, but the breathy falsetto that pushes through this young singer’s lips can safely assuage such an assumption. With the gasps of a young Michael Jackson, the funk of James Brown himself, and all the updated soul glory that surrounds fellow singers Cee-Lo Green and Aloe Blacc, Saris as a singer transcends the confines of any one era. The elements that make up ‘She’s On Fire’ are anything but complex, but its Motown vibes and lo-fi production merge to form something that’s both rich and as authentic as anything Detroit’s finest could put out.

Bo Saris – She’s On Fire

Bo Saris – She’s On Fire Lyrics:
Verse 1.
Here I am, I’m just a man,
I like to tell you something,
I don’t understand,
Oh there’s something out there,
That I’ve never ever seen,
The most delicate creature,
She will be the queen of the streets,
Pre Chorus.
A precious love that is lifting me higher,
But I don’t even know her name,
Oohh She’s On Fire,
She’s every man’s dream and my desire,
She’s like the candy that your daddy told you, you can’t touch,
Ohhh She’s On Fire,
Just tell me how do I make her love me and still stay loyal to the game,
Verse 2.
The streets a jungle,
But I’m prepared,
To do what’s necessary to be her man,
I don’t care bout the consequences I’ll stick to the plan,
I’ll become your superhero,
Yeah I’m superbad,
Pre Chorus.
A precious love that is lifting me higher,
But I don’t even know her name,
Chorus. (1x)
Ohh I’m flying, when she’s lying in my bed, ohh in my bed oooohhhh.
Chorus. (2x)
Bo Saris Shes On Fire Bo Saris   Shes On Fire

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