Black Honey – All My Pride

Black Honey – All My Pride

Black Honey -

Its guitars are raw and its melodies resonant with an easily-worn, vintage style. “All My Pride” is the thrilling and latest single from Brighton’s Black Honey, seductive and boundlessly vital. A physical release for it is forthcoming, but for now you can stream it and the rest of their tracks on their Soundcloud page. The demo for “Bloodlust”, meanwhile, remains available as a free download from their Bandcamp page.

Black Honey – All My Pride

Black Honey – All My Pride Lyrics:
There’s the words you ought to explain
As your walking your heart away
I can hear the silence between your eyes
As I watch you leaving with all of my pride
All my pride

There’s a fire on your lips I long to kiss
And if there’s demons I want all of it
Now every second goes so slow when your stuck in this curse
I can hear the sounds but they’re all in reverse

All my scars will heal in time
Now hes gone with all my pride
Everybody saying what i need to do
But I haven’t got a thing to prove
Prove to you

There’s the smell i know to be home
Then the wonder when I wake up alone
I’ll pretend we’re in true romance again
Whilst your at pots damer platz with another girl in your hand.

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